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Whatever happened to trust?

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Even It Up! has it on good authority (Sunrise!) that the South Australian Police are now screening their new recruits via lie detector tests!

See Sunrise newsbyte here.

Apparently the rationale is that the Yanks are doing it, so we should too!

Look, we’re all for having trustworthy people in any role, but we think this is taking things too far!  It raises all sorts of ethical issues and questions around power and power imbalances.  If you refuse because you object in principle, is it assumed that you have something to hide?  Or do you just comply because you want the job?  And why is the employee always the bad guy?

And the bigger question is, of course, if  SAPOL can do it, what is stopping other employers going down the same road?  One minute it’s psychometric testing, the next its polygraphs.  Surely there are better ways to ascertain a person’s character and integrity?

Does anyone else have an ominous feeling about this?  We need to start digging our heels in about this stuff! 

By the way, we downloaded their recruitment handbook – nowhere did it mention polygraphs!


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December 6, 2008 at 3:56 am

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