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Jobs for the boys

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More proof that it’s about who you know, particularly if you move in certain circles!

Even It Up! wonders if, before Kim Beazley and Brendan Nelson were appointed to their news jobs, they had to:

  • apply through a recruitment company
  • convince the consultant they were the best person for the job
  • answer copious amounts of selection criteria
  • tailor their CV to the position being applied for
  • have a panel interview or three, where they answered behavioural questions
  • undergo psyhometric testing
  • had their references checked
  • be kept waiting 6-8 weeks for any sort of communication about an outcome?

Clearly not, if the speed with which Brendan was appointed (and how quickly his Wikipedia page was updated*) is any indication!  Clearly, jumping through hoops is only applicable to “normal” people!

Things must be very different at the top end of town!

*Hint: not changing the article in front of  “former” to “a” is a dead giveaway!


Written by evenitup

September 18, 2009 at 9:19 am

Update: national enquiry into recruitment

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Further to our post Recruitment: 4 Reasons for a National Enquiry, Even It Up! can let readers know that politicians don’t give two hoots about the plight of jobseekers, other than to spew the usual rhetoric about how important jobs are to the economy etc.

We received this response from Maxine McKew:

Dear Diane,

Maxine has asked me to thank you for your email.  As you are not a constituent she is unable to write to Government Ministers on your behalf and she suggests you may wish to contact them directly.

Prime Minister
The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra  ACT 2600
(Chief of Staff – Alister Jordan)

The Deputy Prime Minister
The Hon Julia Gillard MP
(same address)
(Chief of Staff – Amanda Lampe)

Kind regards,

Electorate Office Staff
Maxine McKew MP
Member for Bennelong
Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

PO Box 336
Gladesville NSW 1675
Ph 02 9816 5911
Fax 02 9816 5988

Well.  We have written to all mentioned above via email (at the same time we wrote to Maxine, who, it should be noted did not bother to address any of the issues in our original emails), as well as Nick Xenophon and Kate Ellis (our local member).  Not one politician (or person on the payroll) has bothered to respond.  We did call Kate Ellis’ office, and there were promises to follow up.  So far: Nothing, Nada, Zip.

Can’t wait for the next street corner meeting, Kate!

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August 21, 2009 at 10:24 am

Jobs, jobs, jobs… and the economy

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The scramble to stop the economic melt-down is on, and governments all around the world are working overtime to come up with strategies to deal with the crisis.  No one wants to talk about the “R”or (even worse) the “D” word.

Interestingly, the rhetoric around “jobs” and “the economy” is closely linked, with one underpinning the other.  Prime Minister Rudd and Treasurer Swan say their main focus in the $42 billion rescue package is jobs.  Clearly “work” (and all that that entails) underpins the economic recovery.

But from the perspective of distance and innocence (Even It Up! does not profess to be even slightly au fait with the world of economics), the government is taking a bit of a an interesting approach: it is looking to manage the job situation rather than innovate.  While the focus is on infrastructure (which we believe is correct, although what would we know?) no mention has been made regarding the responsibility of companies and corporations in all this (although there is the occasional plea) and the tipped rise in unemployment to 7%.  

Even It Up! thinks that many corporations are rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunity to be able to shed staff  and so boost the bottom line – because no questions will be asked. In any other suituation,  BHP shedding 6000 staff worldwide would cause an outcry.   Ditto ANZ and Macquarie (although considering banks got us into this mess in the first place, we are not surprised).

Call us naive, but what Even It Up!  would like to see is businesses given incentives to boost employment through innovation and knowledge creation.   Australia is pretty good at innovating (it’s that whole not liking authority thing that is part of our culture) but we are terrible at commercialising.  Now is the time to be bold, not play it safe!

And we’d love to see all businesses review their recruiment processes to make it easier to get a job in this uncertain environment, not harder.  Get rid of any barriers – systemic or otherwise – that stop the recruitment of the best and brightest, or even just the good.  

We’d be happy with that.

Written by evenitup

February 6, 2009 at 5:23 pm