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Guest blogger: Bek Schapel

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Five Things Recruiters Hate About Jobseekers

The challenge for any jobseeker is moving from being a candidate to becoming an employee, and there are many ways candidates can boost their chances of being selected.  On the flip side there are  things that candidates do that equal interview suicide.  Here’s the list of the 5 Things We Hate About Jobseekers from a recruiter/HR perspective.

1.  Not showing up for the interview.

Whether you’re being interviewed for a role in a big business, or a position in a small business, this is the by far the biggest issue, and tops the chart as the one thing employers hate the most about jobseekers. No matter if it’s a chat in a café, a traditional interview or an assessment centre, all interviews cost a businesses money. Failing to show up for an interview (or calling at the last minute to say you won’t make it) is disrespectful to both the interviewer and the business, and will be remembered by an employer if they ever happen to come across your resume again – even if it is at a different company.

2.  Showing up late.

Why oh why, with all the interview experts promoting the necessity for candidates to show up on time this is still a problem?  Show up on time, jobseekers!  Simple.  If you’re caught in traffic or the bus is late, call your interviewer – we will understand.

3.  Inappropriate dress.

If I had a dollar for every time I interviewed a candidate and they were dressed down, or presented with rings all over their faces or tattoos showing on their arms, I’d be able to stop work a fair while. Unless you’re going for an interview for a heavy metal band or in a grungy bar, lose the nose rings, excessive earrings, visible tattoos, and dress up.

4.  Talking dirty.

Yes it happens…whether telling a story littered with profanities or sexually propositioning the interviewer (believe me this does happen) talking dirty is instant interview suicide and a sure fire way to ensure your interview remains the running joke in the office for quite some time.

5. Getting the job and then not showing up.

Employers get really excited about the first day a new employee commences. However,  we get really upset about employees not showing up on their first day (or second day!) If you’ve found a different job, show us some respect and let us know as soon as possible. Employers don’t hire employees for the fun of it, so we need to know as soon as possible so that we can refill the position.

Bek Schapel has been an Executive HR Manager for a number of multi-national corporations.  She has recently bitten the bullet and has gone into business for herself.  Bek is now the proud owner of Adelaide Informer.


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May 6, 2009 at 10:40 am

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Are all jobseekers liars?

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Sunrise certainly seems to think so!  In the second spot in as many weeks about jobseeker dishonesty, Even It Up! is concerned with the basic premise of the normally pro-jobseeker Kochie!


While we do acknowledge that some jobseekers behave with a less than desirable amount of integrity, it is worthwhile thinking about why someone feels forced to lie about their experience, qualifications or previous employment history in order to gain employment:  

  1. Pressure to succeed
  2. Pressure to have an income
  3. Status received from the job
  4. Unrealistic expectations among employers (see previous posts on credentials inflation)
  5. Pressure or expectations from family
  6. Fear of failure
  7. Fear of not being able to find a job
  8. Personal identity defined by job.

This list is by no means exhaustive… what have we missed?  And do you agree?

By the way, Sunrise, we’ve told you about Even It Up! and we are still waiting for an invitation to appear on your program!

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December 19, 2008 at 8:58 am

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