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A jobseeker fantasy – Part 1

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At Even It Up! we are often asked what our idea of an ideal hiring situation is.   Well, we’ve put our thinking caps on and come up with the perfect scenario (we acknowledge that the perfect scenario is that someone who knows you are looking for a job has a vacancy right up your alley, taps you on the shoulder and voila! you’re hired!  But we know that isn’t always possible, so we’ve chosen the more likely route).  We’d love to hear your comments!

Jane (or Joe – names are interchangeable) saw an advertisement (doesn’t really matter whether it’s internet or paper) and was very attracted to the vacancy.  The ad had heaps of information about the role and a link to the company’s website, which had more information including staff testimonials, virtual tours of the workplace, benefits of working there (very generous).  Jane was very impressed.  The organisation certainly seemed to value their staff (and Jane was aware that they all say that, but very few actually mean it!).  The fact that it was a direct employer rather than a recruitment company made applying all that more attractive.  Jane knew she could cut out the middle man and had more chance of being selected into an interview rather than out.

There was a contact person listed, and even though there was lots of information about the role in the ad, Jane decided to call him (let’s call him Mike).  She wanted to find out a bit more about the role and what she needed to do to apply.  Mike couldn’t have been more nice.   He told her about the role, why the person was vacating (internal promotion), why it was being advertised externally (the workplace wanted to bring in fresh people), and more about the culture of the organisation, the reporting structure and the leadership.  He then asked her about her experience and qualifications, and was very excited to hear that she had a higher research degree.  “We love people with that sort of commitment to their personal and professional development,” he said “It shows tenacity, the ability to think analytically, and we know we are getting someone who can write great reports, as well as present to different audiences in different environments.”  Just before the conversation ended, Mike took down Jane’s name, phone number and email.  “Just send in your c.v. with a brief cover letter.  No need for War and Peace. ” Jane told him that she would have her application in by the end of the week, even though there was a two-week period.

Jane was even more keen to apply after she spoke to the contact person.  But the week got away from her and she didn’t get her application in.  On Monday Mike called to ask if she had decided not to apply for the role. “Not at all,” said Jane ” I just haven’t been able to get my application in.”  No problem, he said, we were worried that you had second thoughts and if you need more time, that’s fine.

Now Jane was even more interested, so she sent her application off the very day.  The next day Mike called her to let he know that he received her application, and would love to interview her if she was free next week.  He then went on to explain the next step in the process.  “There are two interviews, ” he said. “The first is with me, and the next is with the CEO.  There a re no shortlists.  All applicants who are screened in are taken through the same process.  We don’t have panel interviews here. They are for businesses who are scared to make a wrong decision, and recruiters who want to cover their butts.”  Jane was surprised, but relieved. Mike went onto say that in the the second interview, Jane would be required to make a presentation, but she would be remunerated for her time.  She was also advised that the business would pay for her carpark. “We know that that job hunting is a time consuming, and sometimes expensive exercise, so we like to make it as easy as possible for candidates.  It’s very much about us making a great first impression on you.”

Now Jane was really keen!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Written by evenitup

March 23, 2009 at 9:08 pm