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Recruiting for diversity – good luck with that!

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Leaders stress the importance of workforce diversity for maintaining innovation and creativity – crucial if your business wants to compete effectively in the global marketplace.  But if your ‘diverse’ staff constantly walk, your recruitment and retention strategies could be letting you down. 

  • How clear – and fair – is your selection documentation? If you are targeting people whose first language is not English, jargon and ‘wordiness’ may be a barrier to applying for a position.  Check that this is kept to a minimum. 
  • What is the candidate experience during the interview process?  If you stick to a rigid panel formula, you may succeed only in employing staff that interview well.  Give the candidate plenty of opportunity to interact with the workplace, and supply realistic job previews wherever possible. 
  • It’s been well-documented that interviewers typically look for candidates who best fit the culture, or who mirror the personalty of the interviewers.  If you want diversity, these ‘blind spots’ need to be recognised and negotiated, because employing “sameness” won’t promote innovation or creativity.
  • Ensure that your internal communications are on target and measured for effectiveness. There is no point spending money on attracting a diverse workforce if your business can’t – or won’t – deliver on its employer branding promise.
  • How is diversity supported in your workplace? Studies show people who are unsupported by decision-makers experience significantly less satisfaction in their work, and are more likely to leave.  There needs to be top-down support for ‘different’ people in your workplace if you really want an innovative environment.
  • How do you reward diverse thinking?  If groupthink and fear of failure dominate the landscape of your workplace, diversity won’t flourish.  Employees need to be encouraged to communicate honestly and openly – and this is modelled by strong, effective, empathetic leadership.

Ask hard questions about the culture of your workplace, and don’t look for easy answers. As leaders, it is your role to ensure that the culture of the organisation works to meet business goals, not hamper them.  And the best way to do this is with a diverse workforce, functional culture and innovative approach.


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December 3, 2008 at 1:13 am

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