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If real estate can be regulated, why not recruitment?

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Even It Up! came across this brief article in today’s ‘Tiser, and thought: why is the same thing not happening in recruitment?  It’s a similar high stakes industry but deals people’s livelihoods and careers, rather than houses:

‘Rogues’ on Notice

South Australia’s peak real estate body is cracking down on industry “rogues” by launching a public complaints* process.

The Real Estate Institute of SA now will receive complaints from the public where an alleged breach of the real estate code has occurred.

Previously all complaints were referred to the Office of Business and Consumer Affairs.  The ReiSA’s process may involve third-party mediation or a hearing before a professional standards committee headed by former House of Representative Speaker Neil Andrew.

From our perspective, this raises some interesting parallels, and we ask the following questions:

  • Why does the recruitment industry not have a similar code of professional conduct that all recruiters are required to abide by?
  • Why is the recruitment industry not overseen by a body that has some power to weed out rogues?
  • Why does the government not view recruitment with the same concern as it perceives real estate?
  • When corporate Australia is increasingly courting corporate social responsibility, why is ethical practice by recruitment companies never discussed other than in a tokenistic, cliched way?
  • Why are there no penalties for unethical practice?

Even It Up! is pretty sure readers have extra questions that can be added to the mix.

* ReiSA’s complaints process requires that complainants complete a statutory declaration, accompanied by a $200 lodgement fee. Somehow, we think ReiSA would get more complaints if there was no fee.  But maybe it’s their way of wokring out whether people are serious?


Written by evenitup

July 4, 2009 at 12:13 pm