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Even It Up! responds to RCSA Code of Practice “shoulds”

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Even It Up! wanted to respond Julie Mills (from the RCSA) article in Money Management yesterday (which was responding to their claims of fake job ads), but had trouble with the comments box, so we have published it here.

While the RCSA Code is fine in theory, it is the practice (or lack thereof) that Even It Up! has an issue with.

Jobseekers consistently tell us that some of the worst offenders (in terms of treating jobseekers with fairness and respect) are RCSA members.

The Code clearly uses the operative word “should” and as we well know, what people should do and what they do do (particularly when it relates to the bottom line) are often poles apart.  The cause of the GFC is a case in point.

No disrespect, but a reliance on candidates to report is living in La La Land.  Candidates won’t report because they are concerned that if they do, this will harm their future job prospects.   The power imbalance is too great.  It is only in a “safe” environment like the Even It Up! website that you get a sense of what it’s out there for jobseekers.

What is needed is an overhaul of the industry with a regulatory body that imposes real penalties for non-compliance.  A “should” just doesn’t cut it.

Written by evenitup

August 5, 2009 at 6:30 pm

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