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One day, two recruitment conversations

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Even It Up! had a quite the chatty day about recruitment yesterday (thank you Skype!).  One conversation was scheduled, the other was serendipitous.

#1 Keith Keller from Career Communique

Keith runs an online radio programme that seeks to bring positivity into the world of those looking for work, or those people who are changing career.  He heard about Even It Up! through The Recruitment Directory, and listened to Diane Lee (Founder/Director of Even It Up!), Geoff Jennings and Thomas Shaw (who is the owner of  The Recruitment Directory) in the recent Recruitment Rumble webinar.  By the way, Thomas and Diane have had a number of discussions about the industry, and we urge you to check out Thomas’ website and blog which is very informative.

Keith was keen to have Diane appear on his show, because she is so pro-jobseeker.  However, and despite workshopping content,  it won’t come to pass at this stage.  Diane is concerned with the macro level (changing the system, raising awareness) and Keith is at the other end of the spectrum (strategies for jobseekers, maintaining hope).  Keith did suggest that Diane may want to consider entering politics!

# 2 Steve Wilson from Citi Recruitment

We posted the popular and controversial blog post 10 Things We Hate About Recruitment Companies on YouTube and received a congratulatory call from Steve to say “Well Done!”

We had a quite a lengthy discussion about the industry and agreed on many points. Steve recounted a number of stories about dodgy recruiters that he has personally dealt with and that continue to give recruitment and recruiters a bad name.  In particular, he is concerned about ageism that seems to be permeating the mindset of both recruiters and organisations who use recruiters. Watch out for more from Steve, because we’d like to interview him for our up and coming newsletter, which is in development.  By the way, Steve is a regular commentator on the industry, and is quoted in papers like the Daily Telegraph.

What this tells us is that even though Even It Up! has only been around for six months, people are starting to sit up and take notice.  Yay for us!

Written by evenitup

July 8, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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