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ANU study finds anglo names get job interviews

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We at Even It Up! always have a sense of validity when a credible university releases research – based on hard data – that there is discrimination out there in Recruiter Land.

The Australian National University (based in Canberra) sent out 4000 fake resumes to employers who were looking to recruit staff at entry level i.e. data entry, customer service and sales.   The results (from our perspective) were not surprising:

Researchers found Chinese jobseekers also had less chance of being called back than Middle Eastern and Italian contenders.

The fictitious employment seekers went to high school in Australia.

The research found that overall, Chinese jobseekers were called back 21 per cent of the time they applied for a job, compared with 22 per cent for Middle Eastern people and 26 per cent for indigenous applicants.

By comparison, Anglo-Saxon job seekers were called back 35 per cent of the time, only slightly ahead of Italians on 32 per cent.

The implications?  When it comes to getting that job interview, anglicising your name may help you get your foot in the door. You can read the full article from The Australian here.

And Even It Up! would take it one step further and contend that jobseekers are being discriminated against based on their address.  Those who live in areas that are perceived to be “lower socio-economic” may well be advised to rent a PO Box in a wealthier suburb, because rightly or wrongly, judgements are made about a person’s ability, education, talent, work ethic etc. based on where they come from.

And posting photos on your online CV may also be one way to knock yourself out of the race… but that’s a post for another day.

Written by evenitup

June 24, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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