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Five Things Recruiters Hate About Jobseekers

The challenge for any jobseeker is moving from being a candidate to becoming an employee, and there are many ways candidates can boost their chances of being selected.  On the flip side there are  things that candidates do that equal interview suicide.  Here’s the list of the 5 Things We Hate About Jobseekers from a recruiter/HR perspective.

1.  Not showing up for the interview.

Whether you’re being interviewed for a role in a big business, or a position in a small business, this is the by far the biggest issue, and tops the chart as the one thing employers hate the most about jobseekers. No matter if it’s a chat in a café, a traditional interview or an assessment centre, all interviews cost a businesses money. Failing to show up for an interview (or calling at the last minute to say you won’t make it) is disrespectful to both the interviewer and the business, and will be remembered by an employer if they ever happen to come across your resume again – even if it is at a different company.

2.  Showing up late.

Why oh why, with all the interview experts promoting the necessity for candidates to show up on time this is still a problem?  Show up on time, jobseekers!  Simple.  If you’re caught in traffic or the bus is late, call your interviewer – we will understand.

3.  Inappropriate dress.

If I had a dollar for every time I interviewed a candidate and they were dressed down, or presented with rings all over their faces or tattoos showing on their arms, I’d be able to stop work a fair while. Unless you’re going for an interview for a heavy metal band or in a grungy bar, lose the nose rings, excessive earrings, visible tattoos, and dress up.

4.  Talking dirty.

Yes it happens…whether telling a story littered with profanities or sexually propositioning the interviewer (believe me this does happen) talking dirty is instant interview suicide and a sure fire way to ensure your interview remains the running joke in the office for quite some time.

5. Getting the job and then not showing up.

Employers get really excited about the first day a new employee commences. However,  we get really upset about employees not showing up on their first day (or second day!) If you’ve found a different job, show us some respect and let us know as soon as possible. Employers don’t hire employees for the fun of it, so we need to know as soon as possible so that we can refill the position.

Bek Schapel has been an Executive HR Manager for a number of multi-national corporations.  She has recently bitten the bullet and has gone into business for herself.  Bek is now the proud owner of Adelaide Informer.

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May 6, 2009 at 10:40 am

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  1. Hey Hey Ira, My brief was to write about the things those doing the hiring dislike about the candidates. Absolutely interviewers and employers do some shocking things when recruiting, but that wasn’t the topic of the blog!


    August 1, 2009 at 8:18 pm

  2. Dear Bek,

    how about the flipside of this scenario (and yes i do agree that none of what you have stated is acceptable………)

    Turning your back on an interviewee whilst interviewing them, (this happened to me)
    Keeping the applicant waiting for up to an hr after the interview start time, (has happened to me more than once)
    Not remembering the interviewees name, and or not reading their resume, (this happened to me a few months ago……)
    Having no idea that interviews for positions are even being held, (a number of receptionists in large and not so large firms, have reacted in this way
    Being accepted for a position that is NOTHING like what was advertised
    Being interviewed for a job YOU did NOT even apply for?
    Being asked if you wanted to go out to dinner after the interview, (no thanks the interviewer was a sleazebag……….)
    Being asked if you had children and how many?
    Being asked what kind of car you drive, how old it is and how much its worth?
    Being accepted for position being told the salary and then dropping the salary by X number of dollars, when it comes time to sign the actual contract.
    Being accepted for position only to find out that their are persons in the organisation activey opposed to your employment, (happened in my last position)
    Being told you were unsuccessful in the interview when you were never even interviewed? (have a few employers who have sent me these kind of letters)
    Being sent an unsuccessful letter when YOU have declined the job-offer
    Not being contacted back after the interview…….
    Not being contacted after you have submitted your application
    Losing your application (my friend had an organisation that lost his job application three times and then finally told him HIS admin skills were NOT up to their standard?)
    Not being accepted for an interview because receptionist was too lazy to check that your application contained your resume in a word attachment, (when questioned why the receptionst didn’t check and assumed no resume was attached- was told we will not be interviewing you because you are too pushy?)
    An employer who tried to carry out an interview in his car? (No thanks……….didn’t know this person and felt this was way out of line)
    Being interviewed in what looked like a janitors broom closet?
    Being interviewed whilst fellow employee was sitting at next desk screaming at client on phone
    Being asked at Interview whether i personally felt a connection with GOD, (this did happen when i accepted a job with a religious welfare based organization)
    Being asked whether i felt Homosexuality and or Gay behavior was an abberation in the eyes of the church?
    Being asked to write half a page on what the holy scriptures mean to me, (this was for a youth worker position?)
    Being commented on as to why i was overweight, (i have since lost over ten kilo’s but regardless it hurt at the time….)

    Need i go on……………and NO i am NOT currently unemployed………..i am working in a (new) position that i recently started and that i enjoy very much……..I am very lucky, as i am basically remained employed, (minus four weeks when i lost my last position) throughout these trying economic times………….

    I believe that by far the majority of issues relating to employment come from the employer……..IF they didn’t there would be NO need for industrial relations commissions, industrial courts, workcover and or the workplace onbudsmans office etc……i mean how many employers turn up at he EEO going i hate my employees they treat me so badly…..

    Honestly get a grip on yourself!

    ira zettler

    May 31, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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