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Seems that Even It Up! is ruffling feathers and treading on toes in Recruitment Land.   Claims that Even It Up! is  “too negative” (from recruiters!  jobseekers love us!) are ringing in our ears.  Can we categorically state for the record once and for all:

  • we would love our website not to exist, because it means that jobeekers are being treated fairly and respectfully at each step of the recruitment process
  • we would also love to upload more positive experiences, but given that negative is what people are experiencing (because perhaps that’s all there is?!), then that’s what we upload
  • Even It Up! gives a voice to jobseekers, who for too long, have had to suck up whatever direct employers and recruitment companies dish out to them because of the power imbalance (i.e. if you want this job – and who doesn’t because they’ve got a huge mortgage to pay, lifestyle to maintain, credit cards and personal loans to pay off, kids starting school and another one on the way, planning an overseas holiday, self-worth is tied to work etc – you will do whatever we ask)
  • Even It Up! is more than happy for recruiters and HR people to access the information on our website (because we believe that providing information is the first step to any sort of systemic change). However, don’t access the information if you are not prepared to do something positive with it.  We are not interested in you accessing it and then complaining about what you read.  There.  We’ve said it!
  • Even It Up! also acknowledges that there ARE good recruiters and direct employers out there, and they are very supportive of the work we are doing.  We encourage jobseekers to submit their positive experiences to us, because the more jobseekers that are aware of, and use the good recruiters, the more likely it is that the bad will disappear from view.

Anyway here is the email from another recruiter, with our response at each step of the way:

Email 1

Hi Even It Up!

I decided to email you privately away from the blogs because I am concerned about your comment about this site being primarily for jobseekers and recruiters get involved at your own peril*.

I have nothing to hide and I am genuinely interested in what you are doing because I think that the industry needs to be cleaned up. I am however a little concerned that you just want to eradicate recruitment agencies altogether and that you aren’t interested in making them accountable or working with genuine professionals to ensure that candidates get the very best out of them.

I am more than happy to be made public as I do not for a second believe that my own record is unbleamished, but I have always tried to do the right thing – are you interested in drawing attention to those sort of people or just shutting everyone down? I agree completely that there is a problem but I am very keen to hear whether you want to facilitate change or just get people to say negative things.

Please let me know, I’m very open to considering your opinions.

Kind regards,

My response to email 1

Hi J,

As I keep saying, I would love to be able to sing the praises of fabulous direct employers and recruitment companies that treat their jobseekers fairly and respectfully, but the majority of stories that are submitted to me are negative.  If you have jobseekers who are happy with the service you
provide, by all means ask them to submit their experience.  I will be more than happy to load it up.

This site IS for jobseekers and I make no apologies for that… for too long jobseekers have had no voice and have had to suck up what recruitment companies (and direct employers) dish out to them. Overwhelmingly the response from jobseekers who visit Even It Up! has been “At last! Someone in this country is finally doing something about it”.  If that bothers you, delete your membership, don’t log on, or engage me as a consultant to work with your company.  The choice is yours.

From my perspective, change is about critical mass.  The more people that speak up and say they are not happy with the system, the more likely it is that the system will change.  As mentioned above, I also offer my services as a consultant, so those employers and recruitment companies that are genuine about wanting to improve the experiences of jobseekers can contact me, and I will be more happy to work with them.  To date, no one has come forward, and I have consultants from all the major firms registered as site members (and also have a page on my website offering my services).

Trust this clears things up for you.



Email 2

Hi Diane

Thank you for taking the time to email me back.

I don’t want to delete the membership, I want to do what I can to change the poor treatment that people receive – I’m on your side and the side of the people who want change. I fully encourage and support your site but the whole premise is geared towards people telling about bad experiences, not good. By all means expose those who deserve it, but couldn’t you make massive change if you were seen as actively promoting the good people because they would also help you to get rid of the dodgy bros.

As much as I value what you could contribute to my business as a Consultant, my candidates are the recruiters themselves so we’re working on a similar target, but as an example I know that Matthew McArthur is one of the most honest, trustworthy and decent people that you could find and he would be mortified to know that anyone had had a bad experience at McArthur**. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t come back to you a genuine response to the candidates’ concern.

I didn’t dispute that the site is for jobseekers, I was just saying that for an honest recruiter who was trying to participate, to warn me that I post at my own peril seems to indicate that recruiters are not welcome to contribute other than to defend themselves when an allegation is made.

I admire you so I won’t take any more of your time, I will watch with interest.

Kind regards


My repsonse to email 2

Hi J,

Thanks again for your response.  I do appreciate the time you have taken to email me.

Again, I can’t stress enough, I would love to promote the good guys, but I can only upload what is submitted me.  If it’s negative so be it. Please bear in mind, out of the negative comes incentive for change for the courageous… but it’s usually much easier for businesses to maintain the status quo and criticise others for being “negative”.  True change comes from daring to embrace the negative, hence my use of the word peril.

By the way, if you’re concerned about what my site is saying, you should be even more worried about what is being said in the Forums on Whirlpool and Vogue… the “negativity” there is like a tidal wave!

Again, thanks for your comments.


In the words of Erin Brokovich, this is getting really quite tiring!

*By the way, peril was a word I used in a Forum response – not for a million years did I think it would be such a contentious word choice!

** For the record, McArthur is listed on Even It Up! as giving jobseekers a less than satisfactory experience, and Matthew McArthur has not contacted me.

Written by evenitup

April 23, 2009 at 5:25 pm

8 Responses

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  1. Good Luck Diane. There was no touchiness, just a genuine attempt to see both sides. I am sorry that you felt the need to make private emails public – especially when someone else’s name was mentioned. I said that I was happy to be made public, not use my email to draw attention to other people – a very disappointing and sensationalising thing to do.


    April 26, 2009 at 10:51 am

    • If you thoroughly checked out the blog you would know what our MO is… there are a number of emails from direct employers and recruiters reproduced here. Why, then, would you be surprised/outraged to be treated any differently? Let me state once again: the blog and website are for jobseekers…we have no hesitation in holding up a mirror if it reveals what is going on in recruitment land, which for too long has had the upper hand; jobseekers are constantly disappointed and frustrated, and feel very used by the system which treats them so poorly…


      April 26, 2009 at 4:39 pm

      • Mmmm, the issue here now is a privacy one. I know what the MO is, but I stated in my email that I was choosing a private medium. If I had blogged this message or used the website, then you would have every right to use it, but I did not. I contacted you off this site to show respect for the fact that it is for jobseekers and to seek your thoughts, opinions and motivations privately to see whether I could contribute to change, yet you chose to publish me and turn my questions into complaints. I just wanted to help, to become more informed about what you are doing and to see whether I could add value and you used words like “ruffled feathers” which misrepresented my motivation just because I happen to work as a recruiter.


        April 26, 2009 at 9:46 pm

        • And yet recruiters have no hesitation in sending out jobseeker CVs to any Tom, Dick and Harry that is on the client list – without permission… we’ve had numerous stories of this occurring…. and unlike recruiters, at no time was your name revealed by us! If you read the disclaimer on the website, there is a para about privacy there; however, we notice you have no hesitation in leaving comments in our web Forums or on this blog that include your name (which we did not disclose in our postings, and never would have)! Now can we focus back on the real issue: what is being done to make the jobseeking experience better for jobseekers? Who is ensuring jobseekers are being treated fairly and respectfully? Who is representing jobseekers in their quest for work? Anything else is just a red herring.


          April 28, 2009 at 11:29 am

  2. So who was the recruiter?


    April 25, 2009 at 9:59 am

    • Someone on the eastern seaboard – they are very touchy and don’t like “negativity” (i.e. the truth!) over there!


      April 25, 2009 at 11:33 am

      • well this website was not started to be “nice” to agencies, so keep it up…I’m not even looking for a job at the moment and I have a high end agency behaving poorly.


        April 29, 2009 at 9:54 pm

        • Thanks Bek… and I’d love to know which one needs to go to the naughty corner!


          May 1, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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