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Mary Poppins had it right!

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Even It Up! thinks this scene from Mary Poppins is priceless, especially the bit about references and a trial period:

Mary Poppins: You are the father of Jane and Michael Banks, are you not? I said, you are the father of Jane  and Michael Banks.

Mr. Banks: Well, well ye– yes, of course, I mean. Uh– you brought your references, I presume. May I see  them?

Mary Poppins: Oh, I make it a point never to give references. A very old-fashioned idea to my mind.

Mr. Banks: Is that so? We’ll have to see about that then, won’t we?

Mary Poppins: Now then, the qualifications. “Item one: a cheery disposition.” I am never cross. “Item two: rosy cheeks.” Obviously. “Item three: play games, all sorts.” Well, I’m sure the children will find my
games extremely diverting.

Mr. Banks: May I? Eh, this paper? Where did you get it from? I thought I tore it up.

Mary Poppins: Excuse me. “Item four: you must be kind.” I am kind, but extremely firm. Have you lost

Mr. Banks: Ah! Yeah. That paper, you see. I thought that I–

Mary Poppins: You are George Banks, are you not?

Mr. Banks: What?

Mary Poppins: And you did advertise for a nanny, did you not?

Mr. Banks: George Banks.

Mary Poppins: Very well then.

Mr. Banks: I tore it up, turned it over. Tore it up again and threw it in there. Yes.

Mary Poppins: I beg your pardon. Are you ill?

Mr. Banks: I hope not.

Mary Poppins:
Now, about my wages. The reference here is very obscure.

Mr. Banks: Very obscure.

Mary Poppins: We must be very clear on that point, mustn’t we?

Mr. Banks: Yes, we must indeed.

Mary Poppins: I shall require every second Tuesday off.

Mr Banks: Every Tuesday

Mary Poppins: On second thoughts, I believe a trial period would be wise.  Hmm.  I’ll give you one week. I’ll know by then.  I’ll see the children now.  Thank you.

Written by evenitup

January 10, 2009 at 7:24 pm

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