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Even It Up! believes that the best way for jobseekers to empower themselves is to seek work in industries where their skills are in demand, particularly in this period of so-called economic downturn.  

Sarah Needleman, in her Wall Street Journal article,  says:

Employers that provide necessary products and services — hospitals and insurers, for example — tend to always need recruits. And areas employers deem critical to their survival, like accounting and information technology, rarely get cut. What’s more, some fields, such as bankruptcy law and crisis-management consulting, are thriving because of the downturn.

Health care and education are two industries where hiring is fairly steady, no matter the economy, says Brendan Courtney, senior vice president and group executive at Mergis Group, a national staffing firm. “People still keep getting sick, and people still keep going to college,” he says. And in some cases, the demand for candidates outstrips the supply.

In the medical field, there aren’t enough nurses, home-health aides, medical assistants and pharmacy technicians to fill vacancies at health-care providers, such as hospitals and clinics, says Dennis Damp, author of “Healthcare Job Explosion.”

Medical or teaching degrees aren’t necessarily required to get a job in these industries. Like most employers, hospitals and schools need professionals in an array of business areas, including management, finance, communications, information technology and administrative services.

Thanks to Labor Market Information for pointing Even It Up! in this article’s direction.

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January 7, 2009 at 6:07 pm

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