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Are all jobseekers liars?

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Sunrise certainly seems to think so!  In the second spot in as many weeks about jobseeker dishonesty, Even It Up! is concerned with the basic premise of the normally pro-jobseeker Kochie!


While we do acknowledge that some jobseekers behave with a less than desirable amount of integrity, it is worthwhile thinking about why someone feels forced to lie about their experience, qualifications or previous employment history in order to gain employment:  

  1. Pressure to succeed
  2. Pressure to have an income
  3. Status received from the job
  4. Unrealistic expectations among employers (see previous posts on credentials inflation)
  5. Pressure or expectations from family
  6. Fear of failure
  7. Fear of not being able to find a job
  8. Personal identity defined by job.

This list is by no means exhaustive… what have we missed?  And do you agree?

By the way, Sunrise, we’ve told you about Even It Up! and we are still waiting for an invitation to appear on your program!

Written by evenitup

December 19, 2008 at 8:58 am

Posted in job interviews

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