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Red Cross: unsuccessful

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The Red Cross have a very “efficient” (but sneaky) way of letting people know they have not been successful.  They send a bulk, unpersonalised email that says:

Please see attachment.

Kind Regards
Recruiter SA/TAS
207-217 Wakefield Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000
Tel +61 08 8100 4630 | Fax +61 08 8100 4503 www.redcross.org.au

nd just when the jobseeker thinks thay are being advised that they’ve had their application received, or even more exciting, made it on to the short list, they get to open a Word document that says this:

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION – Weekend Telecross Officer

We refer to your application for employment with Australian Red Cross – SA Division.

We unfortunately wish to advise that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Australian Red Cross – South Australian Division and wish you every success in your future career.

Yours sincerely,
People & Learning

We would like to suggest to the Red Cross that this approach is very unsatisfactory – quick and efficient! – but unsatisfactory.   It actually shows that the person involved knows nothing about people and really needs to rethink their job title!

Written by evenitup

December 6, 2008 at 4:40 am

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