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Kaplan Business School: unsuccessful

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Rejection (and non-personalised!) email sent to a friend of ours:


Thank you for your interest in Kaplan Business School and for applying for the recently advertised position of Marketing Communications Coordinator.

We have received an overwhelming number of applications and determining a small group of shortlisted candidates was a difficult and lengthy process.

We took care to review your qualifications and experience and although your application was among the first group of shortlisted candidates, we regret to inform you that we won’t be proceeding with your application. Those who have emerged are considered to have the attributes and expertise that more closely meet our needs at this time.

We appreciate you selecting Kaplan Business School as a potential workplace and wish you all the best in your continued career search.

Kind regards,

HR Services Manager
Kaplan Business School
Bradford College – Telstra Business Award Winner 2007
The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 5005
Ph    : +61 8 8303 7314
Fax  : +61 8 8303 3877

CRICOS Provider Number 00123M

Our friend emailed back straight away asking exactly what “attributes and expertise” they were after exactly (because she was pretty sure she had it all and then some), and is still waiting on a response some days later.  Sally, if you read this, please let her know!

Jobseekers, rail against this sort of meaningless tripe!

Written by evenitup

December 6, 2008 at 4:14 am

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